Wie ein beschlagener Spiegel

“Like a steamed mirrow”

In my bachelor thesis I dealt with the topic of vision against the background of the eye disease macular degeneration (MD).

How does one deal with such a disease? How does life change?
What difficulties does the disease cause you? Are there situations
that make you smile despite your illness? How do you learn to live
in such a way that you still live a self-determined life and even learn new things?
There is much to read about MD from a medical point of view. However, I have read through
my father realize that there’s actually very little visual or auditory contact with the
topic that deals with the emotional side.

On the one hand, as an insight for those who, for example, are still at the beginning of the disease, but
also for outsiders who have relatives or friends with this disease.

The film gives an insight into the everyday situation of two people with MD.
The above mentioned questions are illuminated.

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