about me

Upcycling fashion expert, co-founder of Dzaino.
Slow fashion, handcraft, circular design, minimal waste.
Product Design, brand building, art direction,
hands on mentality, story telling.

Julia Hermesmeyer


since 2015
co-founder of the upcycling brand DZAINO
(production, design, management, art direction)

2016 – 2019
film projects with kids and young people

2014 – 2017
deputy manager and custumer relationship at Spirit Yoga Berlin

2012 – 2015
work experiences at Theater Bremen (video assistance), Schauspielhaus Hamburg (stage bulding assistance and costume design assistance), film production ” LOMO” ( costume design assistance)


2006 – 2009
Seamstress apprenticeship
at SIUM in Hamburg

2009 – 2012
Bachelor of Intigrated Design
at Hochschule für Künste Bremen

2014 – 2015
Further education as theater pedagogue
at SPI Berlin

2017 – 2018
Yogateacher Training at Spirit Yoga Berlin

honorary office

since 2004
AVICRES, social project located in the
Baixada Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro/ Brasil

since 2016
Grüna Kultur e.V.
Garden Club with permaculture approaches

since 2019
Fashion Revolution Germany (fff – Future Fashion Forward)

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